Arman Patala

Arman Patala

By Admin

Posted on November 3, 2021

Arman is a dedicated volunteer ambassador at MCASAC focusing primarily on the dogs. As a volunteer, Arman assists in taking dogs out for walks, cleaning kennels, and providing much needed TLC. Additionally, he takes some of the more stressed dogs on regular outings to give them a break from the shelter environment, and give them more exposure to potential adopters. Arman has two years of banking experience with Suntrust and M&T Bank, and is currently pursuing a career in property management. Arman is also pursuing a BBA in accounting, expecting to transfer-graduate from the University of Maryland at College Park. Between juggling school, work, and volunteerism, Arman enjoys going on hiking adventures with his dog, Autumn. Animal welfare can be overwhelming yet compelling, which is why Arman recognizes the importance of community involvement. It is one of his projects to get people, young and old, more involved in volunteerism whichever their cause may be. Arman plans on joining the lobbying efforts focused on the fight against abuse, and discrimination, specifically BSL (Breed-Specific Legislation).

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